EFL cuts Derby County 12 points after bankruptcy

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The ultimate crisis! EFL cuts Derby County 12 points after bankruptcy. The big news of the football industry. When the English Football League cut points, derby 12 points and set up a rehabilitation team. Bankruptcy after the club

From the past that used to run in the English top league Even a two-time champion in the ’70s. Now Derby County. The Championship club, or tier 2 of England, are facing a reorganization process. And is deduct 12 points by the English Football League (EFL). After a loss of around 20 million pounds (910 million baht) during the COVID- 19 crisis, for

Which the EFL has appoint Andrew Hosking, Carl Jackson. And Andrew Andronicu 3, executive director of business consulting firm Quantuma, underwent the rehabilitation.

Hosking said: “We are in the early stages of evaluating the options available to the club. And will invite those involve. Our urgent goal is Make sure the club will be able to knock down a full program in the Championship this season. And the interest parties to defend the club and the staff of the club, “

The club Derby

The club Derby have announced that will undergo rehabilitation on Friday at which the mail. Morris, the club’s owner, spent two days talking to the players and staff. Now that their job security is uncertain. And after being cut 12 points, it made the Derby team under Wayne Rooney, former England captain. Ranked last in the table with a score of -2,

meanwhile, Trevor Birch, chief executive of the EFL, said it had “Creative discussion”. With Quantuma, Quantuma has been working to find a suitable. And necessary solution to support the club. to find a solution from bankruptcy

“I know this is a challenging and worrying time for everyone involved with the club. Especially with officials and fans. It is our intention to work proactively with the rehabilitation supervisors. And all parties involved The aim is to secure a possible long-term future for Derby County,” Trevor Birch said.