“Klopp” reveals the transformation of the original booth idea into a secret pub under the racetrack

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Liverpool team manager Jurgen Klopp opened up that he had brought the concept of a booth under the original Anfield bleachers of the previous team managers. Let’s improve it better than ever. Until now, dare to say that it has become a room for discussing football and recreational activities of the staff ufabet.

Klopp was interviewed by BT Sport for his documentary ‘ The Boot Room Boys’ about the legendary boot storage room where staff members would dabble in them to brainstorm or relax. Initiated by Grandmaster Bill Shankly.

“ To be 100 per cent honest , I know clearly the two names from the legendary booth, Bill and Bob ( Paisley ),” said Klopp.

“ About Ronnie Moran or anyone else I’ve only heard of later. It may not be correct But it’s 100% true. I love all the stories about it. ”

“ So the first story, which was new to me when I was with Liverpool, was visiting the home stadium. They showed me the dressing room. Which is not very impressive in the old stands to be honest. ”

“ Then we go there. They suggested that – ok this is a small booth – so they asked me what room was that ?” 

“ They explained, it was really beautiful. Looks like a small pub in a stadium , for managers only. something like that which I like very much. ”

The 54 -year -old added it was an inspiration for his personal space at Anfield when the ring was renovated.

“ So in the new stands we build our own booth, ” ‘ JK ‘ added.

“ My wife , Ulla , is in charge of the furniture. And it looks like that For me it is the best pub in Liverpool. ”

“ After the game, we like to go there with all my staff, my friends, with all their families. ”

“ In other words, it is our refuge. ”

The ‘ Reds ‘ , who are chasing the top of the crowd, will have a chance to overtake Man City if they defeat Watford (2 April ) in the English Premier League return on Saturday.