“Paradorn”, the legendary Thai tennis player who reached the 9th hand of the world

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Even more than 10 years have passed, but the name of “Super Ball” Paradorn Srichaphan, a former Thai tennis player, is belov. Still becoming a mention of Thai sports fans always That’s because until now, no Thai flannel player has stepped up to be as successful as the one who has been able

to do . Pro in 1997 before being able to win the ATP Tour level 5 times until becoming the ninth hand in the world in 2003, which is the highest position that Thai athletes can reach. It is also regard as the number one player in Asia at that time.

While the performance on behalf of the national team is consider unusual. Won gold medals at SEA Games (2 times) and Asian Games(1 term) came to dominate both lists. In addition to being referred to as representing Thailand holding the flag at the opening ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece,

however, with a chronic injury, he decided to announce his retirement from the PTT Thailand Open in 2010. Turned to golf for a while until he was able to turn pro successfully. But at the present, at the age of 42, Paradorn Srichaphan has turned to open a business: tennis courts Srichaphan, fishing ponds Srichaphan and Super Ball Resort. All of which are located in Khon Kaen Province.

family matters Currently, he has found a new love with Nong Pop, a wife outside the industry who has come to fill her life. They also have one child, Cherlyn, a cute 3-year-old girl who always makes her father flirt with him. Seeing the ball’s family picture, I can tell you it’s really warm.