Rioux, the highest U18 men’s in the world

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226.9 cm!  Rioux holds the record for the highest U18 men’s U18 men in the world. The Guinness Book of World Records, an organization that holds world records, has confirmed that 15-year-old Canadian basketball player Olivier Rioux is the world’s tallest man under 18.

The rising star is concerned about French descent, posted through his personal Instagram. olivier.rioux says, “Yes, it’s true. I am now the Guinness World Record holder. As the tallest man under 18 in the world, I’m 7 feet 5.3 inches or 226.9 cm. I’m proud of what I am. It’s nature”

for Rioux, born Feb. 2, 2006 in Canada, and currently plays as a center back for the Brookwood Elite school in Montreal, Canada. Including being in the Canadian national team youth team already

According to history, Riouz was 213 cm tall when he was just 12 years old, before being immediately. Caught by a coach in the school’s basketball club. Which is refer to as good and has been Real Madrid, the biggest club of Spanish and European basketball. An invitation to train with the team was sent in 2019

for Rioux , who wears a size 20 (foot length of about 37 cm), a product of a truly tall family when his father, mother and older brother. The men were all striking heights at 203, 185 and 206 cm, respectively.